It’s the Great Pumpkin Race, Fulton

The Fulton Parks and Recreation Department is planning a new event for the year; the Great Pumpkin Race.
Staff will hold the event at Legends Rec-Plex on Oct. 21. Kits will be available for purchase through the Parks and Recreation Department.
To compete in the Great Pumpkin Race, all you need is a pumpkin of any variety and a set of wheels. You must connect the wheels to independent axels which run through the pumpkin. Do not attach the pumpkin to a pre-made chassis of any kind, such as skateboard, stroller, or Tonka trunk. You are encouraged to get creative by decorating your pumpkin!
Pumpkins may not contain weights, concrete, rocks, pyrotechnics, or explosives. Motors may also not be used. Pumpkins will race in the Legends parking lot and will only be propelled by gravity. Participants are not permitted to push or otherwise help their pumpkin racer move. When instructed by the race referee, participants should release their pumpkin racer and allow gravity to “pull” them down the starting ramp and across the course.
Pumpkins found in violation of the rules will be smashed with an oversized mallet for the crowd’s amusement.
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