Public Works

The mission of the Public Works Department is to design, construct, and maintain our infrastructure and to inspect the work performed throughout the city. We also oversee the operations at Elton Hensley Memorial Airport and strive to provide our citizens with a better quality of life.  

A map of the city’s zoning can be found here.

Kyle Bruemmer, City Engineer 
Telephone: (573) 592-3162 
Fax: (573) 592-3169

Kyle Bruemmer began his tenure as City Engineer in 2021 and has worked for the City since 2004.  He oversees the Engineering Department, Street and Traffic Department, Planning and Zoning Department, the Airport, and Off-Street Parking. Additionally, Kyle and his departments assist the Utilities Department staff with their improvements.

“I enjoy managing the variety of talented individuals required for the successful completion of the assortment of projects needed to maintain and improve city infrastructure.”

City Hall 
18 East 4th Street 
Fulton, MO 65251 
Phone: (573) 592-3160 
Fax: (573) 592-3169 
Maintenance Facility 
1303 Westminster Ave. 
Fulton, MO 65251 
Phone: (573) 592-3170 
Fax: (573) 592-3179 
(City Engineer and Engineering Division) (Street and Traffic Control Divisions) 

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for planning and designing capital improvement projects throughout the city as well as providing locator services and working with area contractors. The Engineering staff also maintain the city’s GIS mapping and oversees compliance with local code ordinances.

Richard Elsenrath, Asst. City Engineer 
(573) 592-3160

Casey Bailey, Code Enforcement Officer 
(573) 592-3111

Streets and Traffic Control Division

The Streets and Traffic Control Divisions maintain city streets, storm sewers, sidewalks, signage, marking, and traffic signals. The crew is also responsible for snow removal during winter weather events.

Gary Felkner, Supervisor 
(573) 592-3166 

Elton Hensley Memorial Airport

The Fulton-Elton Hensley Memorial Airport has been meeting the needs of area pilots and business people since 1942. Featuring three runways (two concrete and one turf), this general aviation airport stays busy as it handles more than 15,000 combined local and transient operations annually. Visiting and transient prop aircraft are welcomed, as well as jet aircraft, but the ability to refuel jets is currently unavailable.

4420 County Rd 304
Fulton, MO 65251

Matthew EasleyAirport Manager
Office: (573) 592-3111
Cell: (573) 220-0569
After Hours: (573) 592-3180 – Power Plant

Hours of operation:
8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday
Closed on major holidays.

Stream Team

Anyone with questions about how you can help as part of the Fulton Stream Team can call City Hall at 573-592-3111 or email

Fulton Stream Team is a community service organization created and operated by the City of Fulton, Missouri. Its goal is to convert the local streams into a healthy and thriving feature of Fulton.

To reach this goal, partnerships with citizens, businesses, and institutions who are concerned about our streams will be developed through fun and educational conservation opportunities.

This team can be this unifying factor for all parties interested because of the City of Fulton’s long term commitment to this cause.