Missouri Public Service Comm. adds new area code

The Missouri Public Service Commission approved the addition of a new area code for the central Missouri area. The area will now have both 573 and 235 area codes.
This change does not require customers to change their existing area code, but will impact dialing. Residents are now required to dial all 10 digits of the phone number, including the area code of either 573 or 235.
Starting Feb. 24, 2024, calls made without an area cade will not be completed, and you’ll hear a recording instructing you to redial with the area code. A month later, on March 24, phone service providers may start issuing numbers with 235 as the area code.
Please note, if you have automatic dialing equipment, such as life safety systems and medical monitoring devices, these devices will need reprogrammed to include the area code for calls to go through.