Annual levy rate sees no change

The City of Fulton property tax levy rate will not change for 2023 at $0.5271 per $100 of assessed valuation. City Council members approved the rate after a public hearing on August 22.
Assessed Valuation findings as provided by the Callaway County Clerk, are as follows:

Real Estate (Residential)$77,933,479$74,774,501
Real Estate (Agricultural)$139,772$131,039
Real Estate (Commercial)$42,283,137$41,950,213
Railroad & Utility (Local Assessed)$130,935$135,144
Railroad & Utility (State Assessed)$528,611$517,591
TOTAL REAL ESTATE$121,015,934$117,508,488
Railroad & Utility (Local Assessed)$11,235$11,190
Railroad & Utility (State Assessed)$306,784$335,365
TOTAL PERSONAL PROPERTY$36,379,426$36,196,522
TIF #3$-4,676,215$-4,386,099
TOTAL CURRENT VALUATION$152,719,145$149,318,911