City Clerk

The City Clerk’s Office oversees a variety of legislative and record keeping processes including permits/licenses, project bids, cemetery records, City Council agendas and minutes, filing for city elections, city ordinances, public records requests, and zoning and annexation requests. Our full municipal code can be viewed here.

Schedule of Fees and Charges

Also known as the City of Fulton’s “rate book”, this document was created to consolidate all City fees and charges into a comprehensive Schedule of Fees and Charges to ensure clarity and orderliness for City of Fulton staff and the citizens they serve.

Schedule of Fees and Charges (Rate Book)

Business License

If you are planning to open a business or conduct business within city limits, either on a one-time, temporary, or permanent basis, you will need to obtain a City Business License or a Transient Vendor License through the City Clerk’s Office.

Business Licenses are issued on an annual basis and are valid from March 1 through the end of February the following year. Applications submitted mid-year will be charged a pro-rated fee and will expire on the last day of February.

New Business License Application

2024 Renewal Business License Application

Change of Business Information

Transient Vendor Application

Liquor License

Liquor License

Any person wishing to establish a business within the Fulton city limits where intoxicating liquor will be sold must obtain a liquor license from the City Clerk’s Office. Liquor licenses expire July 1 of each year. New licensees will be charged an initial investigation fee. Fees for new and renewed licenses are based on the type of intoxicating liquor sold and whether it be packaged liquor or liquor by the drink. There is an additional fee charged for Sunday sales.

Liquor License Application

Alcohol Permit

Alcohol Permit

Alcohol permits are issued by the City Clerk’s Office and are required for possession of alcoholic beverages in city parks and recreational areas. Permits may not be issued for a period of more than 18 hours during any calendar day. Permits may not be issued for more than four consecutive days.

Alcohol Permit Application

City Cemeteries

The City of Fulton maintains three cemeteries – Hillcrest, Pioneer, and Southside. Plots are currently available at all except Pioneer.

Grave Space


1/2 Grave Space

(sold in lower portion of Hillcrest Block 7 only)


All grave openings are contracted by Twillman Construction, LLC.

Kathie Ratliff, City Clerk 
(573) 592-3111

Marissa Peneston, Deputy City Clerk
(573) 592-3111