Winter Weather and Energy Conservation Tips

It’s important to be prepared and be mindful of energy usage during the upcoming extreme weather conditions. Let’s stay warm, safe, and conserve energy together during this cold front.

Save energy and money on next month’s utility bill with these winter weather tips:

1. Keep garage doors closed. This will help keep cold air out of your home and protect pipes in shared walls with your home.

2. Lower your thermostat 5 degrees or more if possible. This can lower your heating bill during this cold weather event.

3. Protect your pipes by turning off and draining outside spigots that are not frost free and removing outside hoses from the faucet. Consider leaving the cabinet door open on sinks that are located on an outside wall to let warm air in.

4. Seal up breezy doors, windows, and gaps wherever possible. A rolled-up towel placed at the bottom of exterior door openings help keep the outside air from entering your home.

5. Prepare an emergency kit with essentials such as nonperishable foods, water, flashlights, batteries, medicines, blankets, warm clothes, etc.

6. Ensure that your outdoor pets have a warm shelter and water.

7. Turn your ceiling fan on in the winter, or clockwise, direction. As we know, heat rises, and this will help to circulate the hot air throughout your home.

8. During snow and ice events, make sure that your exterior furnace vent stays free of debris.

YOU can make a difference by implementing these cost-saving methods!