Kala Young, an IT Analyst, joined the City of Fulton as an intern last year and has since been dedicated to enhancing the city’s technology infrastructure.

Kala answers to requests for assistance with IT difficulties throughout all City departments, sets up equipment for new staff, and assists with cybersecurity work.

She said “I like when something new comes up and I’m not sure how to handle it, but I’m sure I’m going to figure it out.” It might be difficult at times, but as (Utility IT Coordinator Dave Miller) once told me, persistence often goes further than knowledge because even knowledgeable people run into frustrating situations and give up. You can overcome it if you’re persistent. Be persistent, then.

At William Woods University, Kala is a sophomore studying cybersecurity.

It’s a rapidly growing sector, but there aren’t enough workers in it, she claimed. “I want to work for the NSA someday, and I think it adds a degree of joy to know that what you’re doing is very helpful to your community locally and later on a larger scale. I want to make a difference in that way and combat cybercrime since the nation is now engaged in a losing cyberwar. I want to join the fight.”

Outside of her professional life, Kala is a mother to two sons. She said “lots of extracurricular stuff and keeping up with homework,” is how she spends her time.