ADOA Courtney Doyle shows leadership through support

Assistant Director of Administration Courtney Doyle grew up in the City of Fulton organization. Now she’s the family’s third generation leading Fulton into the future.

Her grandfather, Bobby Dunavant, and father, Mike Crowson, both built longstanding careers with the City and retired after leading their respective divisions.

Courtney officially joined the city in 2013 within the Parks and Recreation Department. She was promoted to City Clerk in August 2015 and assumed her new role, Assistant Director of Administration last year.

“I quickly became passionate about local government and have fully immersed myself in every role I have held,” she said. “Our community and employees deserve a leader who genuinely cares and is approachable, and I have dedicated my career to meeting that need.”

Over the years, Courtney has taken on more responsibilities. As City Clerk, she oversaw business licenses, City Council agendas and minutes, and city elections.

In her current role, Courtney is second-in-command for the city as well as overseeing the communications, buildings and grounds, information technology, cemetery maintenance, and grants divisions.

“Leadership isn’t about titles or perceived power. A true leader brings others along, helps them reach their fullest potential, and recognizes that it takes a team – not any one person – to be successful,” she said. “In my leadership journey, I’ve focused on being the catalyst I didn’t have – being the person who brings others to the table and allows their voices to be heard. Most people who know me recognize that I don’t mind being visible and vocal; for those who aren’t so comfortable, I try to be the person in their corner supporting and advocating for them.”

Leadership comes with certain challenges, Courtney explained. We must balance needs with available resources and perceptions with reality.

“Know who you are, what you believe, and what you bring to the table. While it takes grit, determination, and a thick skin to lead, I’ve found success in staying true to my values, vision, and goals,” she said. “Integrity is everything; your word and your name are all you have in this world. Remember that your decisions impact the lives of others, so you have a responsibility to always do and be your best. Engage others and consider their input in decision-making. Don’t wait for opportunities to be handed to you; you must work for them. Lastly, acknowledge and recognize your team; without them, there is no success.”