Friday Feature: Gas Assistant Supervisor Greg Scott

Working in the City of Fulton gas division gives Assistant Supervisor Greg Scott the chance to continue learning.

While he’s worked for the gas division since coming to the city nearly 30 years ago, Greg has learned more about what other divisions such as electric do.

Greg leads the locating team, installs gas lines, and performs maintenance on gas-related infrastructure. He also helps where he can with other duties such as roadway painting striping.

“I like to work, find new things, and learn new things,” he said.“Through cross-training, I can learn electric, water, and sewer. I can learn it all, and it benefits me to do things on my own and for other people. It all works together.”

There’s a level of public education that comes with the job, he said, through answering people’s questions and general conversation.

“There’s public awareness in making people cognizant of the severity of gas,” he said. “Don’t be afraid of gas, but respect it and learn from it.”

Outside of work, Greg works on home improvement and remodeling projects.

“I’ve learned a lot, so I am able to branch off and do my own thing with what I’ve learned here,” he said. “I work out from time to time. I have strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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