Friday Feature: Streets Supervisor Gary Fulkner

When Fulton faces snowy weather, pot holes or broken gutters, Streets Supervisor Gary Fulkner and his crew do the work to ensure safe travels for residents.

Gary started working for the city 37 years ago. He worked on a trash truck for about eight years before moving to the streets division. In 2004, he became supervisor. The division does everything from pushing snow to repairing asphalt.

“We’re kind of family,” he said. “It comes time to get things done, we get things done. Everybody works together. I enjoy working with them.”

Along with physically helping the crew, Gary is also responsible for planning how things will get done and working with the engineering department on timelines for when to work on projects.

“You’ve got schedules on doing concrete work; you’ve got schedules on new asphalt,” he said. “A lot of thinking and trying to think ahead, and getting things done. Like this year, I think we got most of the utility cuts around Fulton patched.”

Outside of work, Gary and his wife, Penny, own a 21-acre farm and raise 10 heads of cattle. They also have seven grandkids.

“Three boys and four girls,” he said. “We have a good time. I spend a lot of time with family. I help my mom and dad out a lot too; take care of my dad who’s had cancer for about six years now. He’s doing good. They both still get around good. I have a lot of family time.”