Friday Feature: Maintenance Worker Robert Childs

Robert Childs primarily works in maintenance at the Police Station and assists the solid waste division. He also fills in when needed at Legends Rec-Plex and City Hall.

“I’m everywhere, and I’m very blessed to be able to be everywhere. I’m all over the place doing all sorts of things, but I like to say that I’m not a master of any of those,” he said. “Whatever they ask for me to do, I try to do to the best of my ability.”

He started as part-time, but was moved to full-time after a retirement last year. Robert said he was blessed to find full-time work as an older man.

“I don’t mind working, and some of the young guys here go ‘Why are you all over the place?’ Because I like working,” he said. “That was instilled in me. At a young age, I started doing newspaper routes. Back when I was 11 years old, I had the largest paper route. They combined four routes into one for me.”

Outside of work, Robert said, he likes older cars and is very active in the St. James United Methodist Church.

“I like my church a lot. Church is challenging because people have many different viewpoints, and they stretch you sometimes more than you can bear, but I think my connection is God,” Robert said. “I think God placed me there. That started way back in the 1800s when my grandmother was a member of the church; she instilled that we need to go to church. You have those people that try to shun you or push you out of church, but I’m resistant to that because that’s where I’m supposed to be.”

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