Friday Feature: Cemetery Sexton Billy Egly

Fulton Cemetery Sexton Billy Egly found his way to a job similar to one he did growing up.

He started working at the power plant in 2005 before moving to the wastewater department. When the city started looking for someone to oversee the city-owned cemeteries, he thought it would be a good fit.

“I think it was ’07, they put the job listing up. I used to mow cemeteries growing up,” he said. “I think it was $2 more per hour than I was making in wastewater, and I said ‘I’m your man.’”

Billy has been in the role ever since. During the summer, he keeps the city’s three cemeteries – Hillcrest, Pioneer, and Southside – mowed, maintained, and clear of debris. During the winter, when the maintenance slows down, he helps the Buildings and Grounds and Street departments. Throughout the year, Billy works with families to locate and purchase grave spaces, coordinates burials and graveside services with funeral homes and families, and works closely with the city’s contract grave excavator.

“I like being outside,” he said. “That’s about any job you get with the city; with the exception of City Hall, most staff work outside.”

Outside of work, Billy likes working on cars with his son who graduated from high school in December and will soon be joining the Street Department.

“He wants to be outside,” Billy said. “He wants to learn stuff, and they do a lot of different things in the Street Department. He’ll get his hands in a bunch of different things.”

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