Hockaday House

stinson_creek_trail_logoThe traditional I-house located at the top of the hill was built by John Augustus Hockaday, a successful attorney and civic leader. Construction began in 1871. Building materials arrived in Portland from St. Louis and then were transported to Fulton by wagon. In 1875, Jefferson Davis, former president of the Confederacy, stayed there before giving a speech on the future prosperity of the area. In 1825, the Hockaday Family first resided on the hill above Stinson Creek in a log home.  John Augustus Hockaday was born in the home in 1837.

The original bridge over “Stinson’s Fork” was constructed in just six days by Fulton native John A. Hockaday in 1847. The charming covered bridge that currently crosses Stinson Creek near Memorial Park was dedicated on June 3, 2000 in honor of Mr. Bradley Frieze who spearheaded the effort to construct the span. Mr. Frieze culminated his lengthy career in the University of Missouri Extension Office as its Service Coordinator. The rest area next to the Covered Bridge was donated by the Fulton Rotary Club, established in 1923.

For additional information on Callaway County historical sites, visit the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society and Museum located at 513 Court St. or at www.kchsoc.org.


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