Memorial Park

stinson_creek_trail_logoOn September 18, 1918, Callaway County Commissioners met with St. Louis Park Development architect Robert C. Duncan to review the Soldier’s Memorial Park proposal. The park was designed as a memorial to Callaway County soldiers from all wars. The Original plan included an amphitheater, gazebo and a trail along the Stinson Fork.

Mr. Duncan’s advice and service was given as a courtesy to Mr. Nelson Cunliff, St. Louis Park Commissioner and former Westminster College student.   The park commission members were: T.C. Harris, J.R. Baker, and J.J. Brown of Fulton; T.P. Harrison of McCreadie; and J.F. Taylor of Mokane.  The original property was acquired in 1921 through public subscriptions of Callaway County citizens.  It was dedicated in 1922 in honor of World War I soldiers, sailors and marines.  The veteran’s names can be found on bronze tablets located in the Callaway County Court House.

The adjacent Blue Star Memorial is a tribute to all armed forces that have defended our liberty.  Located in the memorial is a M114 (155mm caliber) towed Howitzer that was given to the Veterans of Foreign War post 265.  It was dedicated on May 26, 1997.  This artillery piece was one of more than 10,000 that were manufactured during World War II and demilitarized in the 1990’s.  Also located in Star Memorial is a remnant of Liberty Bridge that originally spanned Stinson Creek.  It was erected in 1920 and dedicated to the 900 local members of the armed forces who served from 1914 to 1918.

Today, Memorial Park spans 5.5 acres and offers the community an inviting area to gather with an amphitheater, baseball field, gazebo, pavilion, and playground available.

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