Lover’s Leap

stinson_creek_trail_logoThe limestone palisades on the north side of Stinson Creek are historically known as Lover’s Leap. According to local lore, the cliff received its name after a young lover found that his ardor was unrequited and decided that he could not bear to live any longer.  If this is so, our young gentleman may have survived the fall as our Lover’s leap is the shortest (at 60 feet) of the eight palisades with same name located in Missouri.

The property belonged to General Morris Frederick Bell and once overlooked the site of Star Park, a popular picnic and wedding locale.

General Bell originally came to Fulton in 1871 as an architect. He designed several historic commercial buildings and institutions, homes, monuments and schools in Missouri and beyond.  Ever the entrepreneur, he established Callaway County’s first telephone exchange in March, 1882 with 49 customers paying $3.00 per month.  He was active in civic, military and political affairs his entire life.

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