DREAM Community

In 2008, the City of Fulton was awarded a Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri (DREAM) Initiative, which is a partnership between the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the Missouri Development Finance Board and the Missouri Housing Development Board. DREAM is an economic stimulus program, developed by former Governor Blunt, aimed at transforming downtown areas and providing jobs. In addition to research development, the program provides a critical financial assistance component. The three partners work to provide easier access to resources that assist communities in downtown revitalization.

Communities selected for the program participate in a three-year long development phase and gain prioritized access to state supported programs. Programs provided to the communities include business development, job creation, historic preservation, technical and financial assistance, community services, and affordable housing. To date, research has been developed in the areas of residential housing, mapping, focus groups and surveys, financial options, and organizational development. The City of Fulton’s DREAM area is the core downtown business district. Once the research phase is complete, plans for infrastructure improvements will be made and a development project will be chosen.

DREAM Initiative

The City of Fulton