Household Hazardous Waste

Residents seeking ways to dispose of household hazardous waste can do so for free at the City’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center.  It is located behind the fire station on Tennyson Road. Collections are made the second and fourth Saturday of each month from April until October.  Appointments must be made in order to participate in the collections. If you have questions or are interested in registering for a collection, please call 573-592-3150 or email

Household Hazardous Waste Brouchure

Household Hazardus Waste Drop-off

Common Household Hazardous Products

Acid Insect Repellants & Poison
Adhesives & Guns Kerosene
Aerosol Cans Lead
Ammonia Lighter Fluid
Antifreeze Lubricating Oils
Art/Hobby Paints Medications
Asphalt/Roofing Tar Mercury
Bases (Chemicals) Mothballs
Batteries: NiCd & NiMH Motor Oil
Batteries: Rechargable Organic Solvent
Batteries: Car Oven Cleaner
Beepers PDA’s
Bleach Pagers/Two-Way Radios
Brake Fluid Paint: Oil-Base & Latex
Capacitors Paint Stripper: Alkali-Based
Caulk Paint Stripper: Solvent-Based
Car Wax/Cleaners Paint Stripper: Water-Based
Cell Phones Pesticides
Cell Phone Chargers Pet Sprays/Dips
Cell Phone Accessories Photographic Chemicals
CFC’s & HCFC’s Rat/Mouse Poison
Digital Cameras Septic Tank Cleaners
Disinfectants Shoe Polish/Wax
Drain Opener Spa Care Chemicals
Fabric Dyes Spot Removers
Fertilizer Swimming Pool Chemicals
Fingernail Polish/Removers Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Flea Collars Transmission Fluid
Fuel Oil Tub/Tile Cleaner
Furniture Polish/Waxes Varnish
Gas Cylinders Windshield Wiper Fluid
Gasoline Wood Preservatives
Insecticides Wood Stain

The City of Fulton’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center also accepts pharmaceutical drugs.  City of Fulton police officers will be on site to assist in its disposal.

Items Not Collected At The HHW Center

Abestos Pressurized Gas Cylinders
Commercial Waste Smoke Detectors
Explosives Tires
Medical/Bio-Waste Yard Waste