Snow Policy

Normal Snow Routes

Emergency Snow Routes

Winter Event – 0” to 2”
Minimum Snow Event – 2” – 6” or more of snow
Substantial Snow Event – 6” to 12” or more of snow
Emergency Winter Event – 12” or more of snow or any thickness of ice
Special Needs Areas – Hospitals, Ambulance Building, Fire Houses, Police Department, Wrecker
Night Time Operations – Operation hours from midnight to 4 a.m.

Winter Event – Special Needs roadway areas will be constantly monitored and addressed for snow removal needs during and after any Winter Event. If the City experiences a Winter Event after normal working hours, the Fulton Power Plant / Fulton Police Department will dispatch the On-Call Representative. His/her duties will be to address the slick spots and eliminate hazardous condition.

Minimum Event – A minimum of 2” of snow must fall or be forecast before City forces are dispatched citywide. The On-Call Representative will analyze the severity of the event and the conditions he/she encounters. If the On-Call Representative feels the need for additional support he/she is to contact the Snow Removal Crew Supervisor who is responsible during the time of the event. That Crew Leader will then contact the appropriate crew members who will report for work and begin addressing the conditions. The crews are to practice right hand turn movements to avoid cross-pushing of snow. When practical, the Snow Removal Crew Supervisor may suspend night time operations, but will report early in order to remove the snow before traffic is active. Any damage done to private property by the snow and not direct contact with removal equipment will not be assessed to the City, and the City will not be responsible for repairs.

Substantial Snow Event – Once a Substantial Snow Event has been determined the Snow Removal Crews can be dispatched to assist with Special Need Service calls. The City snow removal crews will strive to have every roadway opened to one (1) lane of traffic within forty-eight (48) hours once the snowfall has subsided. The crews will continue to remove the snow to the ditch line or back of curb within seventy-two (72) hours. During this period the Citizens will abide by the removal policy. This would require parking on the side of street that coincides with the calendar date. If the day of the month is odd (1,3,5…) then parking will only be allowed along the side of the street with odd number houses. If the day of the month is even (2,4,6…) then parking will only be allowed along the side of the street with even number houses. Signed No Parking areas along the street will not be enforced during the seventy-two hour period.

A crew will also be dispatched to haul off the snow for the downtown areas, City Hall Parking lot, and other City owned Parking Lots. The City will strive to have the parking lots and Elton Hensley Airport cleared within seventy-two (72) hours.

Emergency Winter Event – The Mayor will declare the snow event to be an Emergency Snow event. Upon declaration of the emergency the City will enforce rules associated with the Emergency Snow Route. The rules are to include No-Parking on either side of the roadways until the Mayor declares the emergency is over. Cars left parked along these designated routes are subject to being towed.