Sidewalk Improvement Program

The City of Fulton has a special program available to property owners who need to replace a sidewalk that has become a safety hazard.  Administered as a material/labor project, the City will pay for material costs such as concrete, base rock and expansion joints, while the property owner will select the contractor and pay all labor costs.  Overall costs for the project will vary based on the size of the project and the contractor chosen.  The property owner will be required to pay the contractor for all of the costs upfront.  Before work can begin, a formal agreement must be reached between the City and the property owner. This ensures that the work is needed and costs can be kept to a minimum. When the project is complete, provide the City with a receipt showing the contractor’s material costs and a check will then be mailed to the property owner.  Limited funds are available for this project each year, so don’t delay in having your deficient sidewalk replaced.  This program can be used for commercial projects as well. For more information, contact the City of Fulton Engineering Department at 573-592-3111.