Building Permit Information

Building Permits

Building permits are required for any new construction or remodeling. New construction must adhere to set back requirements. Permits expire one year after issue.

New Construction – includes any added square footage to an existing structure. Permit fee is based on square footage.
Remodeling – includes any structural changes, new roof, siding, etc. Permit fee is based on project cost.

Building Permit Application

Electrical and Plumbing Permits

Electrical and plumbing permits are required for new construction or remodeling. Permits expire one year after issue.

Electrical permit – includes addition or change in service entrance and circuits. Permit fee is based on number of amps and circuits.
Plumbing permit – includes addition of new fixtures and heating/air-conditioning units. Permit fee is based on number of fixtures and units.

Demolition Permits

A demolition permit is required for demolition of any structure. Permit fee is $5. Permit expires within 90 days of issue.

Sign Permit

A sign permit is required for the erection of a new sign or for enlarging, rebuilding, structurally altering or relocating an existing sign. Permit fee is $20 for the first sign and $5 for each additional sign. There is also a $5 fee for each ballast.


At this time there is no permit required to erect a fence. Check with the code enforcement office before you erect a fence on a corner as there are regulations regarding this issue. We recommend owners erect their fence at least a foot inside their property lines in order to maintain and mow the back side of the fence. It is required before any post holes are dug to contact Missouri Dig-Rite at 800-344-7483 to have utility lines located.

Rezoning Application

Any property owner wishing to rezone property must make application asking to be rezoned. Their request will then be reviewed and heard before the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council, with the City Council making the final decision. The fee for this application is $100 plus the cost of postage.

Appeals to Board of Adjustment

A request for a variance from any decision of the building inspector may be made to the Board of Adjustment. A hearing before the Board of Adjustment is held and their decision is final. The fee for this request is $50.00.

Zoning Map and Ordinances

If your are not sure how a particular parcel of land is zoned, the City of Fulton has an online color-coded map showing the various zoning districts. Also, City of Fulton ordinances pertaining to zoning can be found at

To apply for code enforcements permits, please contact:

Code Enforcement
Fulton City Hall
18 E 4th Street
Fulton, MO 65251
(573) 592-3111

Building Permit Fee Schedule

New Construction

0 to 3,000 sq ft $0.07/square foot
3,000 to 9,999 sq ft $75.00 + .06 cents/square foot
10,000 and over $215.00 + .05 cents/square foot over 10,000
Building Permit – Remodeling
$50 to $5,000 estimated cost of materials $15.00
$5,000 and over $15.00 + $2.00 per $1,000 over $5,000
Electric Permit
Service Entrance $0.05/amp
Circuits $1.00 each
Plumbing Permit
Per Fixture $1.25 ($5.00 minimum)
Other Building Permits
Heating $10.00/unit
Air Conditioning $10.00/unit
Demolition $5.00
Board of Adjustment $50.00 Application fee
Zoning Change $100.00 + postage for certified letters

Last updated December 28, 2016