Event Cancellation

Cancellation Hotline:

(573) 592-3195

The hotline will only be updated once a decision has been made to cancel an event. If an event has not been cancelled, the hotline will say, “There are no cancellations at this time.” Please note that we do not base our decisions based on weather “forecasts”, but on the actual weather conditions throughout the day.

Please do not call the Parks and Recreation Office numbers for cancellation information.

Whenever possible, cancellation decisions will be made by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the game or on Friday, if the game is scheduled for a Saturday. If the hotline has not been updated prior to 4:30 p.m., then the cancellation decision will be made at the event location by the Parks and Recreation Staff.

Inclement Weather Policy

A. Weather can be full of unpredictability i.e., wind, rain, lightning. If during your game there is severe weather, please continue with CAUTION. We are more concerned with the safety of all participants than completing a game. If the weather looks severe, please discuss concerns with other coaches/referees. If a game is cancelled or halted due to bad weather, all players/parents/fans will be directed to move to their cars or to shelter. Parents/players will not be allowed to remain exposed to potential severe weather. Coaches should be on the look out for lightning and notify the game officials immediately if lightning occurs. Coaches have the authority to remove their players from the field if they feel the weather conditions are not safe.

B. It is not our policy to cancel games because of excess heat, cold, slight rain or the forecast of those weather conditions. Please call the game cancellation line if you are unsure.

C. Furthermore, parents are encouraged to make individual decisions for their own child when outdoor weather elements become a concern, as to whether or not to attend any particular game if the game is not officially cancelled.