City Benefits at a Glance

Health Insurance

Health insurance is provided for all full time employees at no premium cost to the employee.  Family coverage is $375 per month.  There is a $500 deductible for plan participants, with a maximum of $1500 (3 plan participants).

Pharmacy Benefits

Pharmacy benefits are included with the health insurance.  The pharmacy benefit involves three tiers:

  • Tier 1: $10.00
  • Tier 2: $35.00 + 25% of the prescription cost
  • Tier 3: $50.00 + 50% of the prescription cost

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is provided for all full time employees at no premium cost to the employee.  Family coverage is $24/month.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is provided for all full time employees at no premium cost to the employee. Family coverage is $12/month. 

Life Insurance

The City of Fulton pays for Basic Life insurance for all full time employees.  The value of the coverage provided is 1 ½ times the employee’s annual salary with a $100,000 maximum.  Additionally, full time employees have the opportunity to purchase supplementary life insurance for themselves, their spouse and their children at a group rate.


Full time employees have the opportunity to purchase short and/or long term disability insurance at a group rate.  Should the employee experience a long term and/or short term illness or major injury whereupon the employee cannot work, these plans would pay 60% of lost wages.


MO Lagers

The City of Fulton contributes each month to the Missouri Local Government Employee Retirement System (Lagers) for every full time employee who has worked for the City for more than six months.  Full time employees contribute 4% of their salary each month as well.  After five years of credited service the employee is eligible for a retirement benefit at the appropriate retirement age.

Employees are eligible to contribute to the 457 deferred compensation plan provided by Nationwide Retirement Solutions as soon as they begin employment with the City of Fulton through payroll deduction.  After one year of service, The City of Fulton matches employee’s contributions up to 3%.


Offers employees of the City of Fulton a Flexible Spending Account to be used for unreimbursed medical or dependent care expenses.


Offers various supplemental insurance policies such as Accident, Short Term Disability and Cancer.  The premiums for these policies may be payroll deducted.

Paid -Time-Off (PTO)

PTO begins accruing the day full time employment with the City of Fulton begins.  Full time employees accrue 20 days of PTO each year the first five years of employment.  Accrual increases every year thereafter until the 15th year of employment is reached.  PTO is used for vacation or sick leave purposes.

Extended Sick Leave (ESL)

In addition to PTO, full time employees accrue ESL at the rate of six days per year.  Certain conditions apply before this benefit may be utilized.


The following are recognized holidays for full-time employees:

New Year’s Day Labor Day
Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday Veterans’ Day
Presidents’ Day Thanksgiving
Memorial Day Friday following Thanksgiving
Fourth of July Christmas Day
Floating Holiday (determined annually by mayor)


Educational Assistance

Full time City of Fulton employees may be eligible to receive assistance with tuition for one class per semester.  Approval for reimbursement must be gained prior to the beginning of class.


Various leaves are available to full time employees who are in need.  Jury Duty, Military, Bereavement and Family Medical Leaves are available under certain conditions.

Employee Discounts

Many local vendors allow full time City of Fulton employees to purchase their products and/or services at a discounted rate.

Resident Utility Credit

Full time eligible employees may receive a $75/quarter utility credit.  Certain conditions apply.