Burn Permits

The Fulton Fire Department requires a Burn Permit to be issued for any open burning with-in the city limits.  The Permits are issued on a day to day basis to take into consideration the weather / wind conditions and to make a visual inspection daily to insure that nothing illegal is being burnt.  Some (not all) of the substances that can not be burned are construction waste, tires/rubber, hazardous materials, styrofoam, plastics, petroleum-based products, treated wood and other refuse.  Burning is allowed, by Fire Department Permit from dawn to dusk, except when other arrangements have been approved by a Fire Department Official.  Fires can be stopped or discontinued due to nuisance complaints, changes in the weather or incompliance with burning procedures.  Any open burning shall be watched / controlled by a responsible person(s) and a means of extinguishment kept on scene at all times the burning is being conducted.