Public Meetings & Notices

Letter from the City Clerk…

Public Notice is hereby given of the following scheduled meetings: All City Council meetings will be held in the Council Chambers; and unless otherwise noted, all Board & Commission meetings will be held in the Executive Conference Room, all located in the Upper Level of City Hall, 18 E. 4th Street, Fulton, MO. All meetings are tentative and are subject to change.

The City of Fulton is committed to open and responsive government. If you are disabled and feel that barriers exist to prevent your full participation in the meeting described above, please contact the City Clerk at 573-592-3111 to address your needs. We will provide hearing interpreters, access through barriers, special sound amplifications or otherwise address your needs to the best of our ability. Please call the City Clerk (if possible, at least 48 hours before the meeting) to advise of your requirements.  If you wish to address the City Council please contact the City Clerk.

Thank you.

Courtney L. Crowson
City Clerk