City of Fulton ordinances can be found at municode.com

2014 Ordinances
1361-14 – Sale of property at William Woods Ave. and Westminster Ave.
1363-14 – Aviation project consultant agreement for runway rehabilitation
1364-14 – Vacating all rights to an easement in Woods and Nickell Addition
1365-14 – Allowing “Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday” to apply to City sales tax
1366-14 – Execution of contract between the City and Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission State Block Grant agreement
1367-14 – Declaring City property to be surplus property
1368-14 – Declaring “Rock Barn” to be surplus property
1369-14 – Submitting a use tax proposal on the August 5, 2014 ballot
1370-14 – Authorizing amendments to the City budget for the 2013 fiscal year
1371-14 – Declaring Westminster Water Tower to be surplus property
1373-14 – Amending Chapter 17, Motor Vehicles and Traffic, Article VI.