Licenses and Permits

Business License

If you are planning to open a business or conduct any kind of business within the city limits of Fulton, either on a one-time, temporary, or permanent basis, you will need to obtain a City Business License or a Transient Vendor License through the City Clerk’s Office.

Business Licenses are issued on an annual basis and are valid from March 1 through the end of February the following year. Applications submitted mid-year will be charged a pro-rated fee and will expire on the last day of February.

2018 New Business License Application

2018 Renewal Business License Application

Change of Business Information

Transient Vendor License

Transient Vendor Licenses are for businesses operating on a temporary basis or at temporary locations. These licenses are valid from the date of purchase through the end of the calendar year.

Transient Vendor License

Alcohol Permit

Alcohol permits are issued by the City Clerk’s Office and are required for possession of alcoholic beverages in city parks and recreational areas.

Permits may not be issued for a period of more than 18 hours during any calendar day. Permits may not be issued for more than four consecutive days.

Liquor License

Any person wishing to establish a business within the Fulton city limits where intoxicating liquor will be sold must obtain a liquor license from the City Clerk’s Office. Liquor licenses expire July 1 of each year and new license fees are prorated monthly.

New licensees will be charged an initial investigation fee. Fees for new and renewed licenses are based on the type of intoxicating liquor sold and whether it be packaged liquor or liquor by the drink. There is an additional fee charged for Sunday sales.

Noise Permit

Noise permits are issued by the City Clerk’s Office and are required for the outdoor use of amplified sound within the city limits of Fulton.

Parks – Permits are required for the use of amplified sound at any of the city parks’ rented facilities.

Residence – Permits are required for the outdoor use of amplified sound at any residence address when the resident is hosting a function such as a block party, wedding receptions, graduation party, birthday party, etc.

College Campus – Permits are required for the outdoor use of amplified sound at college functions (not required for athletic events). Permits for college functions are only issued with written permission from the college.

Sound Truck – Any sound truck unsing amplified sound withing the city limits of Fulton is required to obtain a noise permit.

Rummage Sale Permit

Rummage sale permits are no longer needed for sales withing the Fulton city limits. However, a person is allowed FOUR (4) Rummage sales per calendar year, and sales may only run for THREE (3) consecutive days.  Sales operating beyond these standards set by Fulton City Code (Article II, Sec 90-27) will require a business license.

Permit Fee Schedule

Rummage Sales no permit required
Alcohol Permit $1.00
Noise Permit no charge
Business License – New
(Fees Pro-rated – Licenses issued from March to February)
March / April / May $25.00
June/July/August $18.75
September / October / November $12.50
December/January/February $6.25
Transient Vendor License
(Licenses issued from date of application through December 31)
Fee $25.00
Business License-Renewal
(Fees Based on Gross Revenue – Renew each March 1)
NOTE: Penalties of 5% charged for each late month after April 1
50,000 or less $25.00
50,000 to 100,000 $50.00
100,000 to 200,000 $100.00
200,000 to 300,000 $150.00
300,000 to 400,000 $200.00
400,000 to 500,000 $250.00
500,000 to 1,000,000 $300.00
over 1,000,000 $350.00
Liquor License
(Pro-rated by month purchased – License runs from July 1 to June 30)
Initial Investigation (new licenses) $250.00
Renewal Fee $50.00
Beer & Lite Wine by the Drink $52.50
Liquor by the Drink (includes beer/wine) $450.00
Package Liquor (includes beer/wine) $75.00
Package Beer $52.50
Sunday Sales $300.00

Last updated December 28, 2016

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