City to Start Smart Grid Testing

The City of Fulton will begin testing its new smart grid system for electric, gas, and water utilities this week. New smart meters have been installed in 100 residences and businesses for an initial field test. This test will be completed before the end of 2011.

Eventually approximately 5,000 residential and commercial meters for each service will be installed in the city during an 18-month span. Funding for a portion of the project comes from a Federal Smart Grid Investment Grant.

Smart grid technology provides several benefits for not only the Utilities Department, but the residents of Fulton as well. These include:

  • – Electric service can be disconnected remotely to residences if requested by the fire department in case of emergencies.
  • – Water meters will have leak detection so homeowners can be contacted in the event of a possible leak.
  • – Customers will be able to view electric, gas, and water consumption on a secure website from anywhere in the world.

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