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City Council Meeting – June 28, 2016

The Fulton City Council held it’s second meeting of the month on June 28. Here is the entire broadcast. Enjoy.

City Council Meeting – January 26, 2016

The Fulton City Council held it’s second meeting of the month on January 26.  Here is the entire broadcast. Enjoy.

Public Facilities Complex Construction Photo Gallery – October 15, 2015

Construction of the City of Fulton’s new Public Facilities continues to progress.  Enjoy the latest collection of photographs from the site. [View All Photos]

August 25 City Council Meeting

The Fulton City Council held its second meeting of the month on Tuesday, August 25. Here is the complete broadcast of the event.

Public Facilities Complex – Updated Construction Photo Gallery

Construction continues to progress at the site of the City’s Public Facilities Complex off of Westminster Avenue.  Walls have been painted in the Administration Building and work is now progressing on installing the drop ceiling. Meanwhile, forms are being built for concrete pads in front of the Utilities Building and

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Public Facilities Campus Photo Gallery

Each day the City of Fulton’s Public Facilities Complex gets one day closer to completion. In the administration building, a majority of the interior drywall has been hung. Meanwhile, work continues on all of the other buildings, both inside and outside. Here is a photo gallery showing the latest progress.

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Construction Set For Facilities Complex

Construction of a new City of Fulton Public Facilities Complex, located off of Westminster Avenue, will soon be underway now that a contractor has been chosen. The new complex will feature an administration building, two storage garages, a repair garage, warehouse, emergency call out building and Solid Waste Department offices.

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Annual Surplus Sale Cancelled

The City of Fulton has cancelled its annual surplus sale scheduled for Saturday, May 3. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact Purchasing Agent Samantha Bedsworth at 573-592-3141 for more information.