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If I work on Saturdays, how can I get rid of my Household Hazardous Waste?

You may have a friend, family member or other designated person drop them off for you. Just let us know.

Why are the fire hydrant tops painted different colors around town?

The tops of the fire hydrants are painted different colors to note the capacity of a hydrant. Each color represents a gallons per minute range, so the Fire Department has an idea of what can be expected from that hydrant. It also helps keep our fire insurance rates down.

Will the fire department assist me with the installation of a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector?

Yes, we will advise where to put them and,  if needed, assist in mounting them appropriately.

Can I have a children’s car seat installed in my vehicle?

Yes, call the fire station and have an appointment set up with one of our certified car seat technicians.

Can I get fire safety and fire extinguisher training?

Yes, just call the fire station and set up an appointment for a class. We need to know what you need, the number of people and the audience (age) we will be presenting to.

Do I need a burn permit every time I want to burn in the city limits?

Yes, permits are only issued on a day-by-day basis and only specific items can be burned. Weather and the size of area are a factor in receiving a permit. We follow national guidelines and this process helps to keep our insurance rates lower.