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Does my name need to be on the account to make a payment?


Can I access information or make changes to an account if my name is not on it?

No. Only the person(s) named on the account can access it.

Is there anyone who helps pay utility bills for low income families?

Yes, help is sometimes available. Contact Central Missouri Community Action, SERVE or any local church for more information on available programs.

I am moving from one place to another in town, can I have an overlap in service?

Yes you can.

Do I have to pay for trash service? If so, what day is my trash picked up?

Everyone is required to pay for trash service unless it is provided in your rental agreement. Your pick up day is determined by your address. Check out the Solid Waste Department’s  collection map to see the day for your address.

What if I can’t pay by the 15th?

If you do not pay by the 15th of the month, a ten percent penalty will be added to your utility charges.

Can I change my due date?


Can I see my bill and pay it online?

Not at this time. However, there are plans for this feature in the future.

When can I sign up for level billing?

Once you have had utilities for twelve months at the service address you are eligible for level billing. This establishes a history for us to set the bill. You may sign up anytime from May 1 through July 31.

What happens when the 15th day of the month (when utility bills are due) falls on a weekend or holiday?

When that occurs the due date for utilities is the next business day after the weekend or holiday. No penalty will be charged on your account if the balance on the account is paid by that day.